Track By Tracks: Mindesign - Swallowed (2021)

1. Revelation 22:13:

Revelation 22:13 is based on Revelation 22, where text: I am the alpha and the Omega is mentioned. Thus the main character- Archangel is the beginning and the end of everything, who sees everything sacred die. We have always tried to work around the topics of church and religion. This time we were quite successful and are proud of the lyrics.

2. Abigail:

Abigail is a track about a semi-fictional historical character named Abigail Williams that suffered due to people being afraid of things they do not understand. We chose this topic because things are quite the same nowadays. People still are afraid of the things they do not understand and usually this brings out the worst in us.

3. Epididymal Hypertension:

Epididymal Hypertension - This song is about blue balls. Nothing more or less.

4. (Ill)usions:

(Ill)usions is about daily routine and stereotypes.

5. Deathsert:

Deathsert- The lyrics are powerful and serious, as it may not seem at first. It is not about sex and penetration, but about eating a delicious and perfect cake.

6. Piektais Elles Loks (Fith circle of hell):

Piektais elles loks(Fifth circle of hell)- Every emotional event makes us question our choices and see our mistakes. This inevitably brings us to anger towards ourselves. Everybody must find the strength to let go and say bye to their ghosts and forgive. To become larger than hate and get out of the fifth circle of hell.

7. Смех в грехе:

Смех в грехе is about a friendship that the main character decides to put aside, because He could not live with his own sins and actions, but he assures his "friend" that things are going to be all right.

8. Disfigure:

Disfigure is about a serial killer that plays with his victims and is so far gone, that he can not tell what is real and what is fake. In the end there is no regret and he knows he will die happy.

9. Baltais Katafalks:

Baltais katafalks. Again we decided to touch the subject of religion. But this time not on a serious note. We decided to mock false beliefs, that also shows how we see the subject ourselves.

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