Track By Tracks: SIDUS ATRUM - Spiral Of Life (2022)

Spiral Of Life describes the journey of the soul in the cycle of reincarnation. The artwork created by Gogo Melone depicts the human being’s awareness of the infinite and cyclical nature of existence.

“Fading Light” is a story of a soul-making a choice to leave its perfect space and put on a mortal shell to live a life full of pain for having a new experience.

“Sea Of Life” idea was born while watching the stormy sea. Living in this world we are often faced waves, calm, and storms. Each wave we meet, regret or grief we try to overcome but still sometimes may be drowned for a while. Our life is as fluid and unpredictable as the sea.

Two next songs are dedicated to one of my dearest persons who has died a few years ago.

Unfortunately, life may have rather a painful ending. That’s what “Breath Of Agony” is about. When the whole body is in pain, every breath burns the lungs, all the organs are slowly dying, the mind desperately clings to images of the loved ones, waiting to hear dear voices for one last time.

“Farewell” is a story of the final relief of the soul from the body. It follows the call of stars and merges with eternity.

When two people are departed by death there may be a way to find each other. “Rain Brings Your Voice” is an attempt to hear the voices of the gone breaking the limitations of the mortal world.

“Regression” is some kind of recollection of the past lives, understanding that after death the journey continues and the new life may begin soon. The spiral of life brings us back we are the songs of eternity.

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