Band Biographies: Hok-Key

Hok-key was created on 1994, November 7 as a Comedy metal band. During 1994 - 1997 band has played a series of concerts in Minsk and other cities of Belarus. In 1998 the band took a time out.

A year later Hok-key started to work on new material. Over the 2000 - 2002 period Hok-key played about twenty concerts in Belarus and abroad, took part in numerous festivals, radio and TV talk shows.

In 2003 - 2004 the band was in the amorphous state and took a second timeout.
In August 2005 Hok-key was re-animated as a melodic metal band.

Hok-key is a vivid representative of the Belarusian metal scene who has taken the path from comedy metal directly to its present form - philosophical texts and constant musical and sound experiments and could be described as melodic metal with folk influences.

The band is broadcasted on radio stations, actively participates in various festivals and concerts both at home and abroad. In 2015 band was on a road during «Thunder and Lightning European Tour». In 2017 - 2018 during the "Reaping Europe Tour" band has visited almost all countries of Europe from Poland to Portugal.

Hok-key already has 5 LP in its discography, so “In Existence” will be the sixth one.

Band members:

Jaroslav Sapunoff - guitar, keyboards
Alexander Volchek – bass Oleg
Kantsov – drums Iryna Sapunova – violin
Konstantin Fomin – vocals

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