Band Biographies: Living Target

Living Target started out as an online recording project early 2021 made up of Norman Quetsch, Marco Bella and Mike Lacey. Norman had after a long pause playing in bands and making music started recording and arranging songs again 2018. Through a coincidence he stumbled across a post of Marco’s in an Facebook musicians group, saying he is a drummer and is up for recording projects. Norman sent a few sample songs and they immediately decided to work together. As the songs progressed they also started looking for a vocalist. Soon enough they hooked up with Mike and Living Target was born. The band members are spread over three different countries and everyone has his own recording facilities. Norman in Germany plays guitars and bass. Marco in Italy plays the drums and is the sound- and mixing engineer. Mike is based in the US and is the vocalist. It’s hard to believe the band has never met in person. Within only few months they have created powerful and catchy songs, each member contributing with his own musical influence and style and the result is an original sound that makes the listener think these guys have been playing together for years.

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