Band Biographies: WAYS

Ways. is an Alternative Metal / Post Hardcore band from Paris, France. The band offers powerful, dynamic, and melodic music close to alternative metal and post-hardcore. The band is mainly influenced by bands such as Architects, Alexisonfire, The Ghost Inside, Thrice, Underoath, and many others.

After about 50 concerts in France, opening for famous bands such as Sidilarsen (FR), Full Throttle Baby (FR), Napoleon (UK), Svalbard (UK), The Prestige (FR), Bukowski (FR), many tours in Spain, an incredible tour in Cuba in May 2019 and participation in one of the biggest Metal festivals in Portugal "The Vagos Metal Fest" with Dagoba (FR) or even Jinger (Ukraine), Ways. is always on the move.

The band announces its new lineup with Arthur (Set to Change) on drums and Anthony (Lies We Sold) on bass. Ways. is actively working on their next CD (due out in 2022). While waiting for the last one, the band offers you a new version of the track "So Far So Good" to present the new lineup.

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