Behind The Artworks: CRUSADE OF BARDS - Tales Of The Seven Seas (2022)

“Tales Of The Seven Seas” is the second album inside the broader concept of the “Tales” saga so we needed to keep some sort of continuity with the first album while at the same time giving it a unique touch.

We worked again with Daniel Alonso (Warcry, Last Days Of Eden..) so the style could remain the same but with a different kind of drawing technique. Or first album “Tales of Bards & Beasts” was more about myths and legends while this new one relies more on true historical events. This can be appreciated in the fact that now the viewer is directly looking into the eyes of the figurehead and not from a passive point of view. The book is open, revealing stories from the seven seas, the light brightens the goddess' face as we hope that the knowledge of the past can help future decisions. Yet, the sea is raging and the Kraken's tentacles are closing on the vessel. This is a reminder that Nature is always acting with her rules regardless of how enlightened with wisdom or blinded to it (like the goddess' eyes) we are.

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