Behind The Artworks: HYPERIA - Silhouettes Of Horror (2022)

The artwork for “Silhouettes Of Horror” was once again hand-painted by Andrei Bouzikov (Skeletonwitch, Municipal Waste, Hatchet) who also did our debut album. It portrays a woman having nightmarish terrors in the middle of the night with insects crawling on the bed. The whole album lyrically deals with nightmares, hallucinations and government experiments. The shadow figure is known as the “Hat Man”, a figure that is seen by many people while in a state of sleep paralysis or hypnagogia. In the corner is an I.V bag with “FEAR” written on it, an homage to our song “Terror Serum” about being injected by fear. Lastly, we wanted the cover to have an 80s feel to it, with the setting being a run-down-looking cabin, straight out of an old-school horror flick.

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