Behind The Tracks: Go For Gold - Snow Angels (Single) (2022)

"...from a young age, we are all taught that angels have wings, but the lucky ones of us find that they can also have fins."

After the closing lines of the metaphoric eulogy Go For Gold vocalist Spencer Vinson delivers for Dirtbike the fish, listeners are greeted with nostalgic theme park memories through the bittersweet music video of 'Snow Angels.'

Spencer Notes:

'Snow Angels' is really about coping with how the world keeps spinning after you’re gone. So I had the idea to put it in a funeral home. Dirtbike was one of my first fish that I ever got, but he was apparently already on his last leg, so he pretty much passed after I brought him home with a couple of other fish. But we try to keep our videos pretty entertaining; in the video, I won the fish at a theme park and had the best day ever with him until he died. Dirtbike forever.

“Snow Angels” is a lyrical metaphor for Time in the song. We’re questioning whether we did something impactful and spent our time wisely as we only get a small amount that flies by quickly. We make these imprints on the world, but eventually, they vanish just like snow melting. Everyone gets a little down sometimes, so writing these songs gives a little peace of mind with how you can feel about some topics that are a little too tough to tackle head-on.

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