Behind The Tracks: One Missing Link - The Monstrosity (Single) (2022)

Do you know what could be more frustrating than being a musician during quarantine? How about being both a musician and a physician?

Dr. Nikan Nasim, the vocalist of Iranian Metalcore band One Missing Link describes the complexities an emerging metalcore band goes through, especially with him facing and fighting Covid-19 right at the frontlines in an exclusive Covid-19 hospital as a general physician as,

“It's just unbelievable how everything could suspend me from doing what I have loved since I was 17. As a musician, I couldn’t have any contact with band members because I was extremely susceptible to Covid-19 given my job as a physician where I must work non-stop, helping and doing whatever I could in that horrible situation. On the other hand, vaccine availability was another major problem. It was a cut above the rest compared to other difficulties.”

Their newest song, ‘The Monstrosity’, released through Tough Sounds, is the product of those horrible circumstances. It’s about the dark side inside all of us that emerges in hardship and how we should stop ignoring the depth of filth in our hearts but instead face it head-on and fight it.

Nikan continues,

“Moving on without accepting the other half within ourselves is impossible. You are the one who decides what personality you adopt. You have to claim it, talk to it, make it emerge, send shivers through its spine. Let’s hang this insidious demon for all eternity!”

Despite everything, One Missing Link kept pushing as their new EP is on the production stage and will be released in 2022.

Guitarist Mahan Notes:

"Breaking down emotionally is an inevitable thing when it comes to the pandemic; as an Ex-Nursing staff, there was a time everything was drowned in chaos during the pandemic and I was desperately sitting down writing my ideas on the new EP, sharing them with Nikan. This EP is about a dark side created by the darkest of days. Be sure to get vaccinated, stay safe, check the new single, and stay tuned for upcoming news and releases about the EP".

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