Track By Track & Behind The Artworks: Deviltook - Heretic Manifesto (2022)

Both our previous work and "Heretic Manifesto" revolve around a conceptual argument, in which the nexus of union is hatred and rejection of religion, the hypocrisy that this implies and especially Catholicism and its false morality. Everything is set under a veil of "Satanism". Although it is not entirely real why do not we see it from an orthodox point of view. The gods have been created by the human being and it would be absurd to believe in a nemesis if you don't believe in gods. At this point we are much more interested in seeing everything from an occult-oriented prism. But our “Satanic” position is only an act of rebellion against the yoke imposed by a series of sects that only believe in money and don't care about the rest. There is good and evil, everything else is bullshit. To explain it in an easy and quick way, we see Satanism as a way of humanism and a rebellion against so many lies. “Ordo Hereticus” is a cut by way of introduction with acoustic passages where they are accompanied by keyboard atmospheres and diphonic songs. "Negativity and Rejection" as in all the other lyrics, are metaphors in which each individual can find a message. It comes to say that we are perishable beings and that we have a programmed obsolescence and that for centuries the church has made a lot of money thanks to the ignorance of its sheep and they have never sought good, only confrontation. The human being is unfortunate and deserves everything he collects, because it is what he sows. "The Theosophical Awakening" has a much more occult air, where the interior of oneself seen from an astral plane is explored in which good and evil do not exist as such, but as a moral option created by man in his mind. "Pagans Roots" refers to a pre- Christian era before the Romans realized they had a big business on their hands and abandoned their old beliefs and began forcing the rest to kneel before their new venture, killing and desolating ancient cultures and taming everyone to their creed. "Indoctrinated" narrates the lies and brainwashing that religious sects use before their flocks, I don't care Muslims or Catholics, they are the same shit with a closed mind. Different smell but same essence and shape. “Wolves Of Kali Yuga” tells that you have to be in the eyes of the creator an almost perfect being following all his fucking rules, deprived of living life freely, with his threats of what will happen after death. It is clear that the worms will eat you and you will not go anywhere better. We prefer to be wolves and live as we please following our instincts. According to the Hindu scriptures, the Kaliyuga is the dark age where confrontations and hypocrisy prevail. Summarizing quickly, it comes to say that in a roll of the dice you will always get a one. Therefore, no matter what path you follow, you will end up losing, we are going to die no matter how much you pray. So we have to enjoy every second. "Adventum Lucifer" is about how hypocritical the supposed sacred scriptures are where they show us a character of light and totally perfect knowledge. But that being is bad for not following the laws and abandoned because that supposed creator prefers an imperfect and depraved being such as the human being. If you analyze the Bible at no time do you see references to a devil like the one they want to sell us. Actually Lucifer is the anti-hero of the story and he is the one with whom we feel most represented. "Non Serviam" is a continuation of the previous theme. The Latin translation is "I will not serve" in rejection of God. If that benevolent being really exists, why does he allow us to live in a shitty world like this? And that so many injustices happen. His excuse is that we are imperfect beings and that everything is his will. If he always forgives, why worry about his absurd rules???. Why fear hell, can there really be something worse than where we are now???. “Against The Modern World” is a critique of how we currently live in an era in which everything has to be politically correct, but at the same time, with each act, some imbecile will always appear who is bothered by what you say or do. All this seen from a metaphor about how Christianity carried out genocide and destroyed ancient pagan civilizations without asking for forgiveness or permission. We currently live in a more evolved world, but if you look at the past our rights and freedoms are less and less in comparison. The digital age has only brought us censorship and confrontation. And so it has been for centuries. They give us a choice since we are born two options in practically everything and either you are with one or against the other. There is no middle ground and we owe everything in part to the invention by ourselves of these absurd morals. We prefer to live without masks being what we want to be without caring what they may think. “Doomed By The Snake” refers to how they have always tried to keep us away from wisdom because it is easier to control the ignorant. But the lack of knowledge is something really dangerous because you are only going to meet people who are not able to see the forest because it is covered by a tree. About the cover art, it's something simple and direct with a lot of occult connotations. We always like to use black and white because that is how they want us to see things, without more nuances. Let's say that deep down we only intend to annoy that sector clinging to its false morality of what is good or what has to be beautiful. We see things from a different prism.

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