Track By Tracks: COLLECTED - Say When (2022)

1. Say when:

Describes how you can be attached to someone through their charismatic personality to the point where you will go along with them no matter what, even if it’s self-destructive to you and the people around them. Watch the video, here -

2. Blindsided:

Watching a close friend's relationship fall apart and knowing although you want to help, they’re just as bad as each other and ultimately only they can decide to remove themself from the situation. Despite their awareness they keep going back, leaving you in a difficult position.

3. Mountains:

While having its roots based on truth, Mountains is a fictional story of two people isolated on a vessel that’s lost in deep space. Its theme was heavily inspired by the band's shared love for sci-fi.

4. Faceless-man:

Continuing the theme of storytelling. A group of people stop conforming and stand against a faceless being that has long dictated how they live their lives. This takes many parallels from our own society.”

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