Track By Tracks: Coma Hole - Coma Hole (2022)

I, like many artists and musicians I know, have always battled with my mental health and oftentimes music and art are a vessel for me to channel those negative feelings through. Themes of the album include isolation, dealing with depression and mania and struggles with detachment and dissociation. I mainly tend to focus on issues of self as I deal with a lot of recurrent feelings of depression and imposter syndrome.

“The Familiar” is about feeling a constant destructive force within causing you to self sabotage and is also the main influence for the cover art. The artwork represents the two sides of myself, where the darkness and negativity tend to drain all of my energy. The song mainly expresses how I can never break away from that force because it resides within, and I talk about the ways in which I wish I could destroy. Throughout the song, though I recognize as much as I’d like this part of me “dead”, railing against it instead of learning how to cope with it will only cause further destruction to myself.

“Old Climb” is about repeating the same patterns and expecting a different outcome. Allowing yourself to remain in denial about something because of an attachment you have to your idea of what something was. There’s many times in my life I’ve kept myself in a situation I knew wasn’t going to change but hoped I could find a way to make it feel different. I wrote it with intentionally intense energy because when I feel emotionally trapped by something I want to rip out of my skin. I tend to let my heart get in the way of what my head knows is best, and I wanted to write a song expressing that chaotic ache-that longing to be free.

“Wind & Bone'' was inspired by the connection I feel with nature. Nature is my place of solace. I am heavily inspired by natural imagery, which I infuse in my songwriting as well as my art. It focuses on the simplicity of mortality and wanting to be at peace with yourself. The song expresses that when I feel overwhelmed I seek comfort among the trees and it helps me accept life’s inevitable end. Accepting you are a part of nature and if you can be content with yourself you can see the journey of the human experience as beautiful rather than something to fear.

Lastly, “Sinking” wraps back around feelings of isolation but acknowledges when it’s done by your own hand. In a masochistic way, I’m almost used to the isolation and feel a strange comfort in it, but I know it’s a deadly mindset and as the song goes on I express how badly I want to rise above it. I want to remove the shackles of doubt I have wrapped around me and stop repeating toxic patterns. I ultimately yearn to be free from that negative half of myself and no longer allow it to warp my perception. The song is about overcoming those feelings of worthlessness and doubt and becoming who you know you’re meant to be.

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