Track By Tracks: Fall Of Stasis - The Chronophagist (2022)

1. Wilted Forests:

A very symphonic, instrumental song that sets the tone for what’s to come by showcasing some of the musical themes of the album.

2. Fall of Stasis:

This eponymous track describes an apocalyptic flood transcending both space and time. Musically the song starts with an eerie piano section which evolves into death metal riffs, followed by a soaring chorus. The final section of the song brings back the main riff and features the guitar and the piano trading solos back and forth.

3. Drunken Howl:

This song tells the story of a murderous captain and details some of the most well-known torture methods used by pirates throughout history. Heavily influenced by Alestorm, this pirate metal piece starts off with an upbeat accordion riff that sets the tone for a classic folk metal song. The track ends with a guitar solo and a modulation of the main riff.

4. Baal Arise:
This piece describes a demon’s awakening and his wish to enslave humanity. This is a short, fast-paced, “in-your-face” type of song that starts off with a brutal death metal riff followed by an epic chorus.

5. The Cult:

This is about a pagan cult that heavily indulges in psychoactive substances. The song starts with a syncopated section followed by a folky yet intense main riff solidified by fast and sustained blast beats.

6. Baron:

This epic tale is heavily inspired by our hometown’s most infamous alcoholic who would willingly partake in crazy antics in exchange for beer. This song is fast, eclectic, and features back-to-back riffs structured in an unconventional fashion.

7. Twilight Carnival:

This song tells the story of a carnival where tormented people end up reliving their worst memories and regrets. The song features a circus-themed chorus blended into a succession of acoustic guitar parts and brutal guitar riffs.

8. The Last Waltz:

This piece tells the story of a sorceress who takes advantage of lustful wanderers. This is a classic power-ballad type of song with an acoustic intro and melodic riffing followed by a smooth middle section. The song ends with a melodic-trashy riff and a fade-out solo.

9. Swarm of Casualties:

This one is about two armies stuck in a time loop, doomed to be at war with each other until the end of time. This song has a strong melodic death metal influence starting off with an organ intro followed by a melodic section that abruptly turns into a thrash metal riff. The chorus features a catchy vocal hook that gives a very punk-ish vibe.

10. The Chronophagist:

This is the final song of the album and it tells the story of a deity who has the power to steal time from mortal beings. The song starts off with a slightly modified version of Wilted Forests’s intro, followed by a heavy riff and an epic, vocally-charged chorus. The last chorus is cut short by an eclectic and odd-timed trashy riff followed by a black metal section. The song ends with an epic riff and a fading soaring guitar solo.

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