Track By Tracks: Next Time Mr. Fox - Babylon (2022)

1. A.D.:

Combined with the second track, Bestias, they form “A.D. Bestias” that can be translated as “Year of the beasts” or “To beasts”, yours to read. A calm intro before the storm, defined by a gypsy guitar tune.

2. Bestias:

The first track of the EP features Alex Taylor from the British hardcore band Malevolence on vocals. With this track, we followed the guideline traced with our previous singles "Basilisk" and "Smackdown" with a more hardcore-centered style. Basically, it sounds like Pantera and Lamb Of God tried to play a strange mixture of hardcore and death metal while fighting with Gojira and Misery Signals, with Converge and Killswitch Engage being the judges. Vocals have pretty much stayed the same, with a core structure of growl and scream and a more ample variety of yelling. A nod to the past while still keeping it fresh. Lyrically, Bestias is greatly affected by what happened in the past two years. It points the finger at the majority of our surroundings that, in this difficult time, concentrated more on blaming everything instead of contributing to helping each other.

3. Smack Down:

Smackdown has been the first single from this EP, featuring Mattia Maffioli and Simone Verde from the Italian deathcore band Defamed. Following the path traced with Basilisk, this combines our previous influences gathered in our last album with the new, more hardcore-centered style, rising with this EP. Combining deathcore inspirations, vocals, and riffing with a beatdown attitude. Lyrically, Smackdown is about the human being's temptation to create something just for the sake of basking in it; to create something in order just to imitate their own self.

4. Under The Moon:

This ballad represents the greatest challenge of this EP. It is something we had never tried until now, but we are indeed very satisfied of the result. Basically, we wanted to demonstrate that we are not capable only to “scream” or “make noise”; but that, if we truly want, we are capable to face very different music genres. Quick fact: this song has been written in an hour. Both the verse and the refrain have a very long structure, this allowed us to end it in a very short period of time without losing its communicative effect. A lot of instruments have been involved: from six to eight guitars, piano, violins, synths, flute. A lot of vocals have been involved too, all performed by our guitarist Roberto as we wanted to finally use his skill in clean vocals. Lyrically, it depicts the story of a man facing death in his final moments, recalling his past: both good and bad memories.

5. Babylon:

The title track of the EP. On the instrumental side, this song recalls a lot of our metalcore roots and influences. The atmosphere is definitely more “epic” than the previous singles but there is still a good amount of hardcore, metallic riffs and breakdowns, in conjunction with a mix of harsh and pushed clean vocals. This track is about the majority of historical events from 1992 until today; that is to say the events that we had the luck, or the unluck, to witness during our lives. Many events are told in the lyrics as well as shown in our video: from the formal beginning of UE in 1992 to Yugoslav wars, from 9/11 to war on terror, and many more. Arriving, in the end, to what happened in the last two years, that is to say one more negative demonstration of human nature that our generation, which has seen everything and the contrary of everything in the past twenty years, had the chance to witness.

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