Band Biographies: BOTTLEKOPF

The band BOTTLEKOPF emerged from the Silesian depths in 2010. The idea they had for their music was simple - a lively, concert death'n'roll with Swedish sound, that makes you want to drink and live. After two years of playing, trying their strength and people together, they entered the studio to record their debut album "Absolutely Nothing". Part of the material for this album was recorded in the Czyściec studio, under the watchful eye of the well-known and respected musician FURIA, CSSABA, MASSEMORD or MOROWE - Nihil. This album was well received by the media and fans who liked this vision of death 'n' roll destruction. The band actively promoted this album, playing mainly concerts in small clubs, where the material acquired exceptional specifications in the fumes of cigarette smoke and alcoholic odor. But nothing lasts forever. Problems with a stable band squad, the prose of everyday life and other external factors, meant that for a few years there was no hearing about BOTTLEKOPF. Now, eight years after its debut, BOTTLEKOPF returns with its vision of death metal inspired by old gods such as UNLEASHED, SEPULTURA or ENTOMBED, with a new line-up, new ideas and hopes. The process of creating and recording music for the latest album took nearly four years, so the album "The Jokes Are Over" is a new, more mature face of BOTTLEKOPF, and most importantly, it is not their last word.

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