Behind The Artworks: Wounded Touch - AMERICANXIETY (2022)

We wanted to wait until we had the record finished before we started having art developed for the release. We all had a very macabre feeling about writing this record, and wanted to find an artist that could reflect those same feelings. We are a band that likes to connect with listeners and try to find emotional common ground, and we pretty much kept that same approach to working with the epic Romanian tattoo artist, Luna Marbh. In our hunt for an artist, we all fell in love with her art instantly and knew we wanted to work with her. We were stoked that she agreed to do the art for the record. When we got the songs back, they were sent right out to Luna for her to interpret. The art was done traditionally and then scanned in which I think adds so much and makes it stand out amongst many digitally produced pieces of art. We got to watch the art develop from pencil sketchings, to Luna’s amazing use of color and lettering. We were speechless at how she interpreted the record into this amazing piece of art. Seriously, go and follow @Luna_Marbh and if you are in Romania, go get tattooed by her.”

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