Track By Tracks: Akerbeltz - Merciless (2022)

1. Above the Darkness:
The first track, with a passage in the middle of the song, prepared to listen in the dark and drag the listener into the cliffs of fate. A gravestone slides open and the nightmare begins with a mid-tempo that gets more complicated until its clash of infernal black metal.  

2. Kingdom of Terror:

2nd track, a trip into madness exploring the origin of primal fear I tried to make it sound cold and dark as the first black metal recordings back in the 90s, there´s a homemade clip in YouTube with this song.   

3. End at the gallows:

3rd track, vocals by Lilith this song is Suicidal Black Metal, dedicated to some friends that chose the quick way but also have my respect for their decision…   

4. Rejected from the Vortex:

This song was composed after an agonizing nightmare I tried to reproduce the overwhelming situation in which I was trapped and also the thing that was there haunting me after some useless warnings…   

5. Bearers of the light:

This is a song I wrote after walking the secret route the last Cathars used between France and Catalunya. There´s much to learn about history in the places where it happened if you are in the right mood you can feel the power of the Earth coming through you.
6. Everyone else’s extinction:

After the pandemic started I got inspired and created this song expressing my best wishes to the whole human race, imagining my wishes finally was true, I had the pleasure to drive through empty roads where all the animals were just wandering around with no fear and watching the sun go down in an empty shore…
7. Litanies of the restless:

7th track, keyboards by Varg the Mighty. This song is composed to be used in rituals, the lyrics have been written in the form of a litany to demand our wishes to the Grand Master. 

8. The fall:

This song was the first one I wrote after the Satànic album, the main idea is to express with music the feeling of a fall right from the beginning when you walk towards the edge, make the last step, and give your body to the forces of nature, how the speed increases and the wind gets in your ears and seems to get inside your head... faster, faster!  Then you reach the bottom and keep going down drowning in frozen water.   I did this after a real experience and used it as an allegory to what Satanism ever meant to me.   

9. Zozo Demon:

This is the last track and is a warning about what can happen if you call to the other side without knowing what is gathering in the dark.

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