Track By Tracks: Cruel Hope - I´m Not Sick (2022)

1. I'm Not Sick:

"There's this alarming upwards trend in mental illness diagnoses in Millenials, particularly depression and anxiety, which the media claim is a complete mystery. But I don't see it as surprising: how can we not be deeply upset as we watch the dreams of fulfilling work and financial security that were sold to us as kids torn apart by recession after recession? How could the looming threat of environmental catastrophe not fill us with perpetual fear for our futures? Most importantly, what treatment can cure us of these supposed illnesses, other than radical social and economic change?"

2. Someone To Hate:

"I wrote this song as a sort of "anti love" song. The original idea was inspired by Justin Bieber's cover of "Somebody to Love" by Queen. Some part of me went, "Let's make the opposite of that". So I got to work."

3. Wage Slave:

"Wage Slave speaks to the maddening frustration felt by today's working-class as we are forced into ever-worsening working and living conditions, all while our employers expand their fortunes from our labor. It also cautions those in power that there is a limit beyond which working people cannot be further exploited and that they will soon reach it. This song came to me in two parts; I wrote the chorus years ago while working at an automotive assembly plant, and finished the song while working in musical instrument retail throughout the first 6 months of the COVID-19 pandemic."

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