Track By Tracks: Man Machine Industry - Man Machine Industry (2022)

”Eschaton I. Reckoning Day” is the first album in the Man-Machine Industry ”Eschaton-trilogy” released by GMR Music.


Remember when you were a teenager and dropped the needle on that second Metallica album and that acoustic guitar intro came on and you went. 

- WOW, This is beautiful.
I wanted the album to start that way.

The problem was, I had NO good ideas or riffs whatsoever for it. So I asked my friend Oscar Mander, who plays classical guitar, to write something like that.

This is what he came up with and he plays the acoustic guitar on it as well.

I think it turned out way better than anything I could ever come up with.


The main riff has that old-school thrash to it. I hadn't written anything this fast and energetic since I was young and hungry for speed. It reminded me of early Testament/Exodus and I just knew this would be the perfect kick-off to the album after that sweet intro.

The lyrics came to me when the Trump mob stormed the White House and their unwritten social code on how to behave respectfully were broken by way too many whom I think normally would not cross that line.

But they did and thought their actions were just and fair which they were not.


Yet again I got some help from Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse, W.E.T) in writing some vocal melodies.

We’ve worked together before and his stuff always turns out brilliant.

I also invited a guest vocalist to do a duet with me on this track and I reached out to one of my musical heroes, Mr. Dave Hill of DEMON.

He accepted and did an AMAZING job.

The first time I listened to us singing the song together I couldn't believe it was true.

I’ve loved his voice since their first album back in the ’80s.

Truly a wonderful guy. I still can’t believe he sings on a song I’ve written. Unreal.


I wrote about seventeen songs for this trilogy of albums but I always wanted to do a cover on this song by Eclipse.

I said to myself; If it turns out it fits the album in style and sound, I’ll include it.
And it turned out great!

It’s one of my favorite songs by Eclipse coz it’s so fucking heavy.

The vocal melodies and the guitar harmonies are so awesome.

I thrashed it up a bit and made it more aggressive but kept the heaviness of it all. I’m really happy with how the guitar solo turned out coz Magnus (Eclipse) is an amazing lead guitarist so I wasn’t sure I could pull it off. But I made it into my thing and it turned out great I think.


This song is raising the question of a cash-free society as well as a fictional Terminator-life-style in the near future where we rely on computers and machines.

So far, all is well… but for how long?

The opening riff I had for many years but never came up with a continuing part untill now. The verse is very melodic and I made it even more melodic by dubbing the vocal melody with the guitar as well. This is a trick used in many old blues songs and I thought it would be cool to do it in a thrashy metal song.

The chorus has that vocal line where EVERYONE can sing along to it.

It’s a catchy tune. Not too aggressive but not too soft either.

6. APOPHIS (Prophet Of Chaos):

This was a favorite to record. Lots of stuff happening in this one. Kick-ass guitar riffs, the drums were fun and challenging to play as well.

Like on most of the MMI albums I play all the instruments myself apart from the occasional guest or friend who I think would contribute to making it better and different.

The theme of the trilogy is ”the end of the world” within different scenarios and here I researched Egyptian mythology on the snake-like God, Apophis (aka Apep).
This song has a cool thrash groove to it and is a personal favorite.

Sadly, not a video/single song but nonetheless, a real good one.


On the last album ”Doomsday Clock” my friend Anders Plassgård, who does the artwork, came up with this character who ended up on the front cover. I named him President Doomsday and he will be joining MMI on the covers of this trilogy.

I had this idea that Pres. DD should make a speech on the albums and in choosing the voice of Pres. DD the role was given to ex. Carnal Forge vocalist Jens C. Mortensen.

Jens and I have been friends since high school days and I knew his scary voice would be a perfect fit for this madman of a president.

This song goes from sane to insane in words and background sounds.

A perfect ending to a short but energetic album.

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