Track By Tracks: SARMAT - RS-28 (2022)


This aggressive suite tells the story of individuals who in the past, but also now and probably in the future, have taken over or have taken possession of the minds of crowds to achieve their own morbid ambitions.

By opposing this, the title Coldgrinder was born. It is rather a state of mind, a peculiar cleaner, against a given order - the mouth of madness, a ghost in the machine, cynical alliance, implosion of blackness, a cold enemy, a cold grinder.


Evil can take many faces. Its ev(i)olution is a process of changes taking place over time. Sometimes faster, slower the other times. The end is usually unpredictable.

But there is also an end that takes everything - life, free will, soul, flesh, mind. It is a dramatic descent into darkness on a path from which there is no return.


Night. Sleep. Dream. The trinity that is present in the fleeting gleam of the moment is given in the perfect landscape painted in the mind.

Souls look for their passage and turning point, where the spirits of the dead reside. Light in the tunnel shows hazy outlines.

A journey to eternity that we do not know. From time to time we go looking for other impressions, abandoning the material world that surrounds us.

4. RS-28:

The title track and the first words that arose in the world of hatred with the thought of bringing this plague.

We live in the embrace of a destroyer in a place that is a ticking time bomb, the passing of time is drawing to a close.

There will be no redemption, the door will be closed forever, a new age will come with the shadow of a symbol!


Every day minds are effectively kept under surveillance. Information on all sides, but also disinformation.

The masters of this chaos control are trying to enslave new units over and over again. Grain up and a scoop is collected.

The uncertainty sowed usually sprouts to a dangerous size.

It's a game, but like a game, you can always give up without wading in this swamp.


In praise of freedom and rejection of life limitations.

To walk your life path according to your inner self are personal values that matter and strengthen in the chosen direction.

Break the chains while overcoming the obstacles and do not look back. Free strong will in the face of adversity.

Written with the use of fragments of the poem “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley (1849-1903).

7. BLACKOUT (Scenario for Tomorrow) part I / BLACKOUT (Scenario for Tomorrow) part II:

A dangerous scenario is written in two parts.

Confusion and frustration from a sudden and unexpected system failure.

A technical failure, complete protection against it seems impossible. The collapse of security procedures.

One of those scenarios is hanging over the world today. Tomorrow is coming faster than we expect

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