Band Biographies: STELLAGEN

STELLAGEN formed in Sydney, Australia in 2019 with the simple goal of making metal they wanted to listen to: heavy yet melodic, with memorable choruses and shredding guitar solos, incorporating elements from death/ black metal but with the sense of melody and catchiness of power metal in both the vocals and guitars.

STELLAGEN features Phil Brown (Vocals/ Guitars), Jimmy Lardner-Brown (Guitars) and Symon Haddad (Bass) with session drums provided by Robin Stone.

The vocals range from death/ black metal growls and screams on one end of the spectrum to melodic clean (yet still 'raw') vocals on the other, with a focus on ensuring each song has a memorable 'hook'. A key feature of the band's style is also the guitar harmonies and interplay between twin brothers Phil and Jimmy, which is backed up by the solid rhythm section of Symon and Robin. Lyrical concepts include real life experiences, literature, and sci-fi/ fantasy.

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