Behind The Artworks: DANNY BEARDSLEY - Chase The Sun (2022)

DANNY BEARDSLEY ( ) returns with his stunning new sophomore album, Chase The Sun, which arrives on Friday 24th June. Danny has now also released a towering new single, Pulling Me Under, and you can watch the video, here - We asked Danny about the striking cover artwork for his new album:

1. Who designed the artwork? Daz Mondo from Binger Creative.

We’ve used him for every musical release, logo design and artwork for every project. He’s a super talented guy and brings any idea to life.

2. What does the cover artwork represent (please give 50 words)?

The artwork represents the passage of time and embracing the moment. The Arctic Tern symbolizes the ongoing desire to ‘Chase the Sun’ and to overcome whatever obstacles to achieve our goals. Hidden within the artwork, the clock's hands point toward the time my daughter was born.

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