Behind The Artworks: ONELEGMAN - Event Horizon (2022)

The whole album is meant to be a concept leading the listener into the research for new worlds in deep space, the chaos theory, the last days of a star's life, the direction of time, entropy, the fourth dimension that is gravity, love as an elementary form of existence, existence as mere force of attraction and repulsion between electrons, existence as creatures of God or as sons of physics and chemistry. Black holes are the last frontier, the unsolved enigma at the end of this path. Alessandro Rinaldoni, painter and good friend of the band, drawn in it’s own style a black hole to be printed on the cd itself. The EHT (Event Horizon Telescope) took for the first time a picture of a black hole few months after Alessandro made it’s artwork, images that looks extremely similar to each other. Then Alan Zambonini, graphic designer of the band, made the front cover reassembling Alessandro’s work in a psychedelic mosaic in order to give both organic and digital version of the same subject together.

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