Behind The Artworks: Ysilik - Eunoia (2022)

The distinctive artwork featured on the cover of Ysilik's debut album 'Eunoia' was created by Ysilik's bassist Greg Feinberg.

At first glance the cover seems to depict the outlines of a gothic cathedral complete with stained glass, pinnacles, a nave roof, and a prominent rose window. However a closer inspection reveals that this is not some old static and staid building but actually alive with a multitude of figures.

The whole image speaks of transformation, of becoming and unbecoming. Throughout the artwork you'll find human-like forms morphing into plants, animals, instruments, and even the architecture itself; a myriad of distinct entities evolving together to form something larger.

These images reflect the group process that took place to create the eight tracks on Eunoia. Of musical ideas merging, hybridizing, and dying to be reborn into something unique. Of lyrical darkness and despair that when consumed and digested, emerges as something wholesome and renewing. Of leading one to a state of well being - "Eunoia".

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