Behind The Tracks: The Order Of Elijah - Wolves (Single) (2022)

When Bryan Cox and Shannon Low sat down to write "Wolves" they knew one thing, they wanted to push the limits of the band's previous work. As Cox hammered through endless hours of advancing his solo techniques, Low spent his time studying advanced vocal and throat positioning. Knowing there was no drummer to help compose percussion, the band agreed to push drum parts beyond human limits. TOOE's bassist, James, began sprucing up his long-lived ability of Les Claypool'ish slap bass. Inspiration flooded in as Low researched his family history, learning about modern-day issues and oppressions that Indigenous Americans still face today. All of this physical and information progression finally led to the regurgitation of what calls "a human face for American brutality."

Upon completion, the band teamed up with highly skilled studio engineer Clint Leedy who not only brought his amazing producing talents to the table but also assisted with percussion placement during tracking. After receiving the master's, TOOE contacted the talented director Landan Caldwell to compose and direct the music video. With a vision of tackling the highly controversial issue of sex trafficking and violence among Indigenous women, Low sought out a well-known Osage dancer named Joe Ellis. Low describes Ellis as the true star of the video as his straight-line traditional style of dancing is highlighted as the "magic" of the video's story.

"Wolves" is meant to reflect the strength Indigenous Americans wield despite a suppressed history of oppression that easily bleeds into modern-day times. The song has been making waves on various social media sites and putting a relentless spotlight on some of the darkest repercussions of US history.

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