Behind The Tracks: Radio Aftermath - Cup Of Coffee In The Big Time (Single) (2022)

The song is the band’s first release this year foreshadowing their debut self-titled EP due this summer.

The introductory track to our debut EP, Able Archer is a tense slab of throbbing noise, reminiscent of the anxiety-inducing blasts of noise from Nine Inch Nails at their most discordant, before segueing into a short sharp blast of high energy that is Cup of Coffee in the Big Time, the focal point of this release. Rounding out the trio of songs is August 9, 1945; a slow contemplative comedown, the long slow sigh that follows an explosion of righteous anger.

The artwork for the single has been designed by Jim Vickers ( who has worked closely with the band for several years now.

See you in the aftermath...

Cup of coffee in the big time:

A short blast of nitro injected punk rock to kick off the EP, with the anxiety-inducing introduction taken from clips of the infamous 1984 film Threads, …Coffee was the perfect track to introduce the band.

Originally starting life as a song idea from Rob (Burns, bassist) Once the rest of the band got their hands on it, it quickly turned into the heavy punk and post-hardcore influenced anthem you hear now

Chris (Vocals/Guitar): I loved this song from the start!

I immediately got working on themes and ideas for it when Rob fired the demo over. Lyrically it’s about feeling left behind and isolated by your peers… I’m referring to other local bands that we’ve crossed paths with throughout the local Leeds scene over the years, for whatever reason it seemed to me that there was a monopoly on information and contacts for getting your band’s name out there, and no one seemed to be willing to throw us a preverbal bone so to speak. And I found that equally annoying and disheartening at times; because I would never do that, I will always try and help other people/bands if I can. It’s a community, and sometimes people with egos forget that.

My favorite part is when it all breaks down to just the one guitar in the intro and the snare drums build it into the double-time punk drums! (Sorry Jack!) I grew up on skate punk and pop-punk so to have our EP kick off with that brings me great joy.


You’ve got your secrets as if it don’t matter
But I’m not falling behind
Take me for granted? You know it’s pathetic
So now I’m hitchin' a ride
Outta here

Cut my throat like it’s going out of fashion
A self-indulged sacrifice
Your eyes are sick with the pleasure and passion
They worship you like you’re Christ
Yet, heaven waits

Never knowing, we fell in love with the crime
Forever showing, what you thought you can’t find
I feel so useless in, the prime of my lonely life
So I’ll take a sip from the cup of coffee in the big time

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