Track By Tracks: Children Of The Void - Garden Of Bones (2022)

A short summary of Children Of The Void - NOR

Children Of The Void - NOR consists of 4 members +2 session guitarists, all from the metalscene of Bergen Norway. With inspirations from melodeath, thrash and black metal the guitars both swing and crush with their melodies and rhythms on a rock solid foundation of bass and drums while the vocals shred and tears telling of a dystopic universe a mirror to our own.

A little info on every song:

All lyrics are in a separate document.

1. A Mirrored Dimension:

This song starts the journey of the universe in which we write our songs. the song tells the tale of sentient stars in a mirror verse. The Children Of The Void are here beings opposed to these stars and are on their way to being free of their shackles. All song lyrics are also in this way meant as a “mirror” to our own society in different ways. A mixture of sci-fi and realism.

2. We Light The Way:

The song is about not following the norms and always believing what you’re being told, (sometimes even by yourself), and being stuck inside your own head. Children Of The Void in this instance are seen as people who have struggled and are “free of these shackles” helping others bound by restrictions, some made by themselves and some by others, free themselves from bondage.

3. Dreamcrusher:

This song tells the tale of our own dealings with bullying, anxieties, and other issues. The figure “The Dreamrusher” is meant as a physical manifestation of the fear, self-doubt, and anxiety that goes hand in hand with one another.

The figure is also a character of the mirror verse we are writing in, as visualized in the cover art of the single.

This song is also meant as a reminder to seek help if you need it, and help others that are in need of a friend.

In this song Frode Honnoe is featured growling, gargling, and screaming alongside Runar.

4. Garden of Bones:

Garden of Bones, the title track tells the tale of dealing with an inner dichotomy, a struggle with ambivalence. Fighting with yourself and coming to terms with what you are. And also about one of the fictional characters struggling with his choices about ending another being's state in the universe by potentially brutally murdering them contributing to the title of the song.

5. Scream:

The song's core idea came from having a struggle with writer's block but evolved to contain some, a little darker subjects as well.

Amongst these themes, is being stuck in an «evil circle» from which you are struggling to break free. Also reflected by the way the drums and guitar «fight with each other in the first half of verse 1».

As well as a nihilistic view of the world, but not quite as it shows a tiny spec of «hope».

In This song, Hans Petter Solen is featured and he shreds the guitar solo in the middle of the song.

6. The Next Chapter:

The Next Chapter is an outro instrumental track that is meant as a natural ending for the ep as well as giving a little taste of some new melodies that are yet to come.

Making The Music:

Producer: Hans Petter Solen (Once Awake)

Featuring Artists: Hans Petter Solen (Guitar) & Frode Hennoe (vocals) (Once Awake)

Children Of The Void - NOR

Vocals, backupvocals & Rhythm Guitar: Runar Steen Hansen

Drums & Percussion: Eivind Sørhus

Lead guitars: Even Senneset

Bass: Jørgen Beijer Johnsen

Former Member:

Guitar and backup vocals: Robin Jarl Tøkje

Lyrics and composing: Runar Steen Hansen

Lyrics: Eivind Sørhus

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