Track By Tracks: Nightstalker - Dead Rock Commandos (2022)

1. Go get some:

The first tune is all about getting out of bed and starting living your own life. If you want something you’ll have to go and get it for yourself, cause nobody else will do it for you. I take what I want from what's already there.

2. Soma:

Soma was a magic potion that some North Indian tribes used to drink in order to write poems, the Vedas, and then I thought to myself (oh shit! We are still doing that stuff...).

3. Dead rock commandos:

The current situation on this planet is described in this song. You know there are people out there crazy and powerful enough to believe that they can own the whole planet! What the hell you’re going to do with it? Can't take it with you...

4. One million broken promises:

All the promises I broke first to myself, and all the people I've hurt for breaking the promises I made to them.

5. Children of the sun:

You know we are living on a planet where for most of us the only source of energy is the sun. Sun gives us life. Sun is life...

6. Back to dirt:

I believe that the earth is a closed system, and life is recycling itself. After all, we are dirt and water...

7. Keystone:

Sometimes you need something to hold onto, sometimes it's just an idea that can save your life. Well this idea for me is rock and roll. It really saved my life!

8. Rockaine:

it's just a word I invented for this song. It sounds bad, but it feels good. Haha

9. The boogie man plan:

Fear is the first emotion we all have. Fear is a very important tool. Once you put some dose of fear into someone's head, you can control him. It's an old but effective technique to control the masses.

10. The underdog:

We always have that feeling. We are a rock band that we started from the underground Athens scene, so we can't forget it. We had to take a lot of shit out, all these years.

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