Track By Tracks: Rise To The Sky - Every Day, A Funeral (2022)

It´s a great idea to try to break down the songs one by one to understand the logic of each one and of the whole album. I try to express myself mainly through my music, doing this was very difficult for me, and brought me back to very sad times, but I did my best. I hope this gives some insight to you about some of the thoughts I had while making this album. So, let's dive right into it:

1. Every Day, A Funeral:

I wrote it to emulate grief, and the structure of the song follows some of the moods I went through during my own grieving process. In a way losing someone is an everyday process, slowly you bury that person each day, hence the name of the song.

2. It’s the end:

Accept that someone is gone and that everything you had with them is left behind. They are part of the past, and that is all that remains, in the form of memory, image, and blood.

3. Just Say Goodbye:

Making the lyrics for this song was a really strange process. I tried to think about what I would want my loved ones to hear from me if I die. Also, it’s what I wanted to hear from my loved ones who passed away too: Live your life, just say goodbye to me and let me go, remember me, I had a good life and I lived it exactly the way I wanted to.

4. Abandoned:

This was the worst part of my grieving process: feeling alone, lost, and abandoned. It’s scary to think that you won’t see or talk to this person who died anymore, it can get overwhelming at some point. I’m alone, on my own, lost, alone.

5. Sadness cries in the silent sky:

Middle of the night, a corpse lying in the middle of my house, and I’m trying to appear strong for the rest of my family.

6. I Can See You When I Dream:

I saw my deceased father in a dream, we were at the beach walking around and he fell down on his back and got all wet, he was smiling. I woke up and I wrote this song.

7. Epilogue:

Losing a loved one is just a very hard part of life, and everyone will eventually lose their loved ones, or they will lose you. Hurting so much just shows how much you loved them.

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