Track By Tracks: TASSI - Northland III (2022)

1. Star Palace:

First of all, "Star Palace" is the first track in " Northland III". It is connected to the first song "Ancient dream book": Tassi found an ancient book from his West Wind Pavilion. After opening it, he entered a time and space where truth flies. At the end of his journey, he was transported back to the foot of Praka mountain. When he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the stars in the sky. They were compassionately listed in front of him by the gods... (the novel has stopped here). Since I was very young, I have a special love for stars. It happened that my family lived in the outer suburbs. For me, it was a profound and beautiful childhood. The endless stars almost lit up the whole sky and walked with the moonlight. When I was a child, I liked singing to them. I thought they would be able to hear it. Later, when I grew up, I began to have a new understanding of them. I think they are the eyes of gods. We are all their children. As long as we are good people in this world, we will return to them in the end. The song "Star Palace" is my favorite of all my works. When I recorded it, I thought it must be an unforgettable work. It was recorded from the sunny afternoon to the dead of night. Then in the early morning, I came out of my room and sat downstairs looking at the night sky for a long time. Although it was almost dawn, I thought I had never missed them. It was like this since I was very young.

2. The fog of the bleak sea:

Tassi came to the state of the sea again after more than half an era (the state of the sea is located in the southwest of the border of the north, which does not belong to the north, so it is one of the areas most seriously depleted by the entropy dimension after the advent of the yellow spring era). He found that everything in front of him had changed. The goddesses who once had halos on their heads and scrolls were gone. Everything here was wrecked by barbarism. The wisdom and beautiful things of the past were dried by previous generations of people. The thick and heretical fog confused his eyes. They came from people's desire and bring disease and resentment. Finally, he saw the sea beast once possessed by Uni and conveyed wisdom to Tassi. He also saw Uni here. After this, he was very happy, and the final outcome was also very good. Uni turned into a westerly wind and came from the north to help him dispel the poison fog. The motivation for this song is that I once fell asleep in the car on my way home with my cat. I saw a desolate sea in my half-dream. It looked dark and divine. Then I saw a very powerful and kind sea animal looking at me. I felt that it was the Lord of the sky. There was a diffuse fog around it. Those poisonous fog looked like its karma. It was also being rewarded by the karma of reincarnation. I was very sad. Then my cat bite my hand and woke me up. This song is also the first one to play most of the parts with a xylophone (thanks to Taylor 314 lent to me by June 1 here). It's just that I didn't adjust the frequency band of the box piano well, and the dynamics is very bad. However, when recording, the parts of the xylophone are really done at one go. I think it should be kept, just like that dream I like the lyrics of "Fog of the barren sea" very much. At that time, I forgot what kind of state I waved them at once. In short, I miss that strange dream very much. Later, I felt that the sea animal was like myself at that time, and the person facing it in the dream was an afterlife. Then I dreamed of the car. I seemed to be the most illusory.

3. Equilibrium reincarnation:

First of all, in the album of Northland II. It's the last song in the album. Tassi thought he saw his uni in the Saha dream palace. In fact, the Saha dream palace is the accumulation of thoughts left by people when they were alive in the past. These illusions are intact in the hanging wall of the palace. They include all the joys and sorrows in the world. The living can never reach this place. Tassi also came here through the power of ancient dream books, so he felt after seeing Uni so sad that he knew the illusory nature of this place. The songs "The wheel of balance" and "Yi" are sister parts In fact, this song has been written for a long time (because the song name cannot have special symbols when uploaded by Netease cloud, the name has been changed to "Divinity"). I wanted to use the song "Wheel of balance" as "outro" to end Northland, but I thought it was too early to end, so I posted this song. There will be an outro to end the concept story in the future. When I wrote this song, I was reviewing the young galaxy's "Embers". Some strange melodies began to combine and separate in my mind. Based on a new bold understanding of eternity, I recorded this song (also because of Borges). I happened to be watching Byron's "Poem of beauty" at that time. In a word, this song does contain some beautiful emotions. In it, I firmly believe that beauty is eternal, and those strange and unpredictable inspirations penetrate the cosmic sea outside the sky and choose to stay in my mind at the moment (many people are catching or missing them). As a mortal, I am really grateful.

4. Fairy:

In the dim afternoon of the month of stone and woods, Tassi dreamed of his Uni again. They share each other's joy and affection. But Tassi was awakened from his dream by a coin falling from the sky during the moonlight. The memory stretched his sadness again because now she has walked in another celestial body beyond reincarnation. He tore off a piece of sea paper and wrote some words to Uni. Sadly, Uni's people think I'm crazy. They are like greedy blackbirds. Surging into the dark side of desire. Day and night in my eyes and ears they just want to eat my faith. The world is like a hurricane's eye. She saw people falling like waterfalls. They became the puppets of time. I can't wake them up. Only wait for them to wake up. Will we meet again? Will they believe our story? It doesn't matter at all. After all, it's our secret. This song is just a simple narrative memory. It is not as complete as the letter to Uni. Of course, the latter's emotion is not complete. About the song "Fairy", I want to express an extreme Tassi to people. Maybe it's like someone in the white book. But I still stopped it, because I know that the introspection after madness is particularly troublesome. But its creative emotion is still a little confused. I think the word "Fairy" is full of poison and brilliance. In my heart, it is an undefined word. It has nothing to do with the world, but I don't know where it belongs. Before this song, I actually wanted to describe some graceful behavior between Tassi and Uni (I changed to another song), but after she finally became Tassi's spirit and belief rather than a lover or other human role, I gave up this idea that could make mortals' heart beat faster.

5. Lake of fire:

The song "Lake of Fire" is one of my favorite works on my third album. I'm very satisfied with the excessive and interspersed melody of the two guitars, because I tried some different guitar collocations, although I didn't do too much decoration in tone (the guitar decomposition part at the beginning is a small composition by Mr. Wang Xiao when he composed a year ago. I recorded this song with his consent). Finally, after recording the vocal lyrics, I only had two thoughts: I hope this song can express some of my wishes, and then speed up the end of the epidemic in the world. As for fools and villains, I just hope that they will always live in a sad reincarnation. It can be said that the song "Lake of fire" is like the anger I have accumulated for a long time (i.e. not ignorance). I know where it burns. I care more about every mob exposed to the epidemic of human and animal stupidity than I hate the epidemic. In short, I hope people can understand what we are experiencing with their own right knowledge and right view.

6. Nostalgia:

The first name of this song is "Stone moon starry night". Stone moon is a month from the calendar of the Northland. Like our world, it is also composed of twelve months (sunset moon, stone moon, stardust, fairy water, red fire, west wind, sky grass, fire cloud, abundant autumn, broken frost, north light, dream palace, moon). I remember that when I finished writing this song, it happened to be around February. At that time, I tangled with the lyrics for a long time after I finished all the recording, and finally renamed it "Thinking about the next night". At that time, I revisited a game called "Chaos warrior" on PS2, and then there was a chapter in the main flow of the game called ''Thinking about the next night". So I thought the name was very consistent with the lyrics, and I decided it will be the final name. Then the lyrics of this song actually came from the same inspiration as the song "We" by Bliss- Illusion. Both of them are based on a full moon night (the latter was born in a crisp autumn evening). I remember looking up on my way home from the rehearsal room one late night and seeing the moon in the middle of the night. It's so bright, like an exit, which can only be opened for some specific people, and then I think of Dante "Everything under the moon has life and death" in the Divine Comedy, so I stood downstairs and stared at it for a long time. I think I live in an illusion every day. My respected friend is outside the exit in the night. We have become the oldest souls in the galaxy and guide us to ascend to celestial bodies beyond reincarnation. I think Dante, Borhurst, Leisha, Tagore, Kafka, Adonis, Goethe, and others have successfully fallen into the concept of eternity. At that time, I felt that we would eventually reach a destination beyond time without sorrow. This song was my motivation many years ago. As early as 2008, I made up the general framework. My band once tried to line up several times but gave up before they came to perform because it was really not suitable for the style at that time (the band did melody black metal), but the general framework was already in my mind. PS: "Romance Dream in Solaris" is the only work in the Northland series that was performed at a friend's University in 2013.

7. Merkabah:

Some time ago, agent William told me that Xu Jiji's impermanence was broadcast to the students by a French yoga teacher on the radio as a meditation course. To be honest, I'm very happy that the yoga classes upstairs of my studio have never knocked on my door. Melkaba field refers to the energy field surrounding our body. This energy field is first centered on the etheric energy body, the fifth element of our world. When it remains complete and full of positive energy, it can also protect our bodies. It can be understood as a light sense field linking our high-dimensional consciousness. When I wrote Merkabah, I wanted to try a different arrangement for the first time. I used a large number of voice colors from a soft sound source synthesizer for superposition. At first, I debugged some strange voice colors. They sound cold and disordered. They need to overlap infinitely to put together some perfect notes. At that time, it really attracted me. I think each of us are incomplete individual. We need to overlap and link with our internal ID consciousness. Later, I tried to use some experimental vocal effectors to build a unique atmosphere. Later, many people wondered who the voice like a woman's voice came from in 2:44 seconds of the song (actually myself). Then I added some Sanskrit chants in 4:09 seconds. I hope some notes of this song can indirectly help people open their inner source (greater self) consciousness. I hope we can live in real and inner joy. At that time, there was another creative motivation, that is, I just finished reading Borges's annular ruins. At that time, I just thought I needed a key, which can open myself and close this world to open another one.

8. Idamon novasah·liva II:

Of course, strange thoughts. There will be a third one, which can be understood as another incarnation of Tassi, because I not only want to make the Northland full of romance and divinity but also fill it with some dark and obscure things. I have had a conservative sense of sadness since I was a child. Later, I realized that I was better and better at turning them completely into life. For example, I began to like to fill in two completely discordant emotions and colors. Together, it seems that they are very full of vitality, so they can hit each other to collide their respective values and concepts. Maybe they can really be perfect with each other in the end, including different beliefs, different skin colors civilizations, and so on. For some reason, during the time I was writing Fantasy II, I happened to be revisiting the early works of Bethlehem and silencer, including the Mexican nuclear crushing band thanatology. I think these works have brought profound significance to the world. At least for that period of time, I think that if people are not concerned there is a real lack of adaptability. The first lyrics I can think of are: ''I feel sorry for those who never go crazy. I know that all world-weariness has a reason and significance.'' Of course, if I can find the meaning of living in this difficult and tolerant process, then I think the world is full of adaptability for you. I will choose to believe in you. Don't confuse the concept of "Strange thoughts II" or what emotion it brings you. It's just work that hasn't been finished yet. After all, time is forked. It will lead to countless possibilities. I will let you know.

9. The Adventure of Ethernet:

Now looking back on the lyrics of this song, it's really a little long... I feel like it's going to add confusion to the good friend who promised to help translate the English lyrics. I remember the time when I wrote "Journey to the Pacific". I played the remake of Final Fantasy 7 on PS4 and revisited an RPG game called "Shadow Hearts" (a game developed by Aruze in 2001) on the PS2 platform. The game screen gave me a lot of inspiration, including the architectural design and some character dialogue in the game. In short, I mentioned more than once that my obsession with supernatural o g a quantity and medieval magic is no less than my love for music, and I think they are closely related. At that time, the creation was still very smooth. I completed the overall framework and conception in two days, and the time of composition was not too long. In order to make this song full of the taste for the journey of time and space, the dreamy atmosphere was more gorgeous, and the surreal color could be more intense. I went to see some middle and later works of Salvador Dalí and some early animated films (Hobbit in 1977). As for the lyrics, I really spent a long time writing, because I found that the connection between the paragraphs of this song needs some thoughts to fill in the lyrics, and some places must highlight the sense of introduction. For example, at 3 minutes and 42 seconds, I used the sampling sound of birds and the extension of string music. Here, I changed to xylophone and made some unsatisfactory balance in the frequency band. At that time, I wanted to make this part sounds like one of us. The whole individual is compressed in an unknown time and space, which is a concept completely beyond material logic. Although the expression is not very successful, in short, for me, this is indeed a track full of joy and brilliance, which makes me happy and blackgaze! I really love this style.

10. The voice of Luna:

In fact, the last work of each album of "Northland" will be very profound and unforgettable for me, because I don't know when the next album will start... From the first album with "7 spatium" to the second album with "卍" and finally to the third album with "月吟 (The Voice Of The Luna)''. I'm very satisfied with "The Voice Of The Luna". This work is more like a good introduction for the fourth album. It is precise because of this work that I consider whether to make some changes in the style of the fourth album because I don't want to stay in a dream forever. Even if it is really beautiful, I think there is a great difference between eternity and eternity. The former also needs the support and promotion of an external attribute to have a certain chance to degenerate into the latter, but they can also be similar Interaction is used in a causal field. I'm not sure about the creative motivation of "The Voice Of The Luna", because it will involve some very private things. I'll simplify it. First, the female voice monologue of this song (lyrics) was recorded by my wife for me. Thanks very much to her for the lyrics. What I said is that in the ancient era, we are all the children of gods. We are connected with celestial bodies and have the same frequency as the sea. The moon god is one of the witnesses of countless gods, but we fell later (the reason is not explained). Finally, we sadly came to this world from people's flesh and lust bodies instead of coming here free from the sky as before. It was really painful for me. Then we formed a huge and chaotic system, in which only a very small part of us would link to the energy of the stars, but few people could hear the voice of the moon god In this world, we have missed many mysterious and intelligent voices, which has something to do with our choice. I think if I really miss some very valuable and perfect voices, I will create those beautiful voices, and then I will leave them here waiting for people like me to pass through them and experience them. I know it is a long process, but I think it is the meaning I experience now. I think I can choose the music I want to make, and there are friends who have always supported and loved the virtual pole and the Northland in this world. I am really moved. May you be safe and happy. Thank you for seeing everyone here.

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