Band Biographies: Armadeus


CJ Foster – Vocals, Guitar
Josh “Riffmeister J” Motley – Guitar, Vocals
Mike Conley, Jr. – Bass, Vocals
Andy Seibert – Drums

Armadeus was initially formed in mid-2019 as a heavy music outlet for CJ to create with his longtime friend, Josh – known semi-jokingly as Riffmeister J. CJ and J convened together over a love of Thrash and Doom Metal and wanted to build a project that focused on sick riffs and tight grooves. Having come out of a Power Pop/Heartland Rock project writing songs close to the heart, CJ wanted to write songs about cults, fugitives, and other wild stories from both history and fantasy. Similarly, after leaving the Alternative/Indie scene out in Utah, J wanted to create music that heralded back to the age when the guitar was king and tasty riffs were the gateway to the next dimension.

Woodshedding riffs and lyrics and rotating members from 2019 to 2020, it took Armadeus over a year to truly find their sound and footing into what they wanted to be. Drummer Andy Seibert and bassist Mike Conley, Jr. joined CJ and J to round out the final and most secure lineup of the band. The group is inspired heavily by bands like Helmet, Clutch, and Fu Manchu and creates their own brand of Alternative Metal meets Stoner Rock with subtle hints of classic Doom and Groove Metal. Armadeus has decades of stage experience among the four members and focuses primarily on creating songs that simply make you want to bang your head.

In mid-2021, Armadeus met with producer Jon Fintel at Relay Recording in Columbus, OH to record their debut EP, Emperor of Blood. Emperor of Blood includes five tracks that span elements of Hardcore Punk, Doom Metal, Stoner Rock, and Grunge. These influences and elements combine to give Armadeus the thick sound you hear on stage. Emperor of Blood was released on Record Store Day (April 23 rd ) 2022. Armadeus are incredibly excited to share this EP and their music with fans of heavy riffage across the world. Without stopping, the Armadeus boys are currently in the process of writing and demoing the follow-up to 2022’s Emperor of Blood and hope to begin recording by the end of the year.

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