Doubting Thompson is a one-man studio project based in Wisconsin in the United States. His music is a unique form of thrash metal that combines technical precision with raw aggression. Vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter Jeff Thompson began in the local music scene playing thrash metal covers which still influence his style to this day, as you can hear in the Doubting Thompson body of work.

With a musical style often compared to Testament, Coroner, and Exodus, Doubting Thompson offers a hard-hitting blend of old-school thrash and contemporary sensibilities. Technical precision and driving propulsion set the project square between the raw edge of finesse and fury. Pummelling riffs and incendiary lyrical content leave the listener engaged, incited, and ready to get in the pit.

Doubting Thompson is currently working on his fourth EP, tentatively titled, Lizard Brain Aggressions, expected in 2023.

Doubting Thompson is:

Jeff Thompson – Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Drums

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