Band Biographies: Misanthropik Torment

Misanthropik Torment is:

Erik Leviathan; Vocalist/Lyricist/themes/Founder/ Copyright owner

Jonathan Nesbitt All music for the albums #KillYourLocalPedophile and Reincarnation.

Brandon Rowe All Music for the album EDGELORD

Josh Freeman All Music for the album Murder Is My Remedy

Douglas Pattrick All Music for the album Purification

Panos Karyanannis All music for the albums R.A.T.E.POWER.B.T.T.P. and A Decade Of Endurance.

Jacob Lizotte All Music for The albums Down Thr Rabbit Hole Of All Plausibility and The Leviathan.

Callum Tilbury All Music for the album Misanthropik Tilbury and the Track Kill The Tyrant.

Phone (859) 693 1097

For fans of Six Feet Under, Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus, Pungent Stench, Brujeria, Carcass, Sarcofago, Venom.

Lexington, Kentucky's ' Misanthropik Torment' is somewhat of a one-man operation. Formed in February 2018. Leviathan is the vocalist, lyricist, and founder of ' Misanthropik Torment' . Leviathan writes everything! He Mixes & masters and publishes everything himself. He sometimes works with other solo artists or instrumentalists from all over the globe to create his therapeutic madness.

Camp Verde, Arizona - On January 14th, 2000, Misanthropik Torment mastermind Erik Scarlet (AKA Erik Leviathan ) was arrested and later charged with "Dangerous Deadly Assault" after he attacked and stabbed Jason Tardiff 56 times in the groin area, severing the man's penis. Erik was sentenced to 16 years in prison. Erik claims he attacked Jason after finding out that Jason was sexually assaulting his girlfriend three and half-year-old daughter. During Erik's 16 years in prison, he began writing the lyrics for the songs that are now performed by his band Misanthropik Torment.

April 2021, Misanthropik Torment Signed A Distribution Deal With Envenomed Music!


Misanthropik Torment is also endorsed by WB Gear!

Misanthropik Torment '? " Misanthropy is an extreme hatred for humanity, which I do have, however by my nature I am not a hateful person, it is the sickness of humanity that has driven me to be Misanthropik. Because by my nature I am not a hateful person, I am tormented by my own hatred, thus Misanthropik Torment was created. I am the product of what the world has created me to be, this monster that they hate is the reflection of themselves. " - Leviathan.


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