Band Biographies: Phrenetix

Phrenetix is a thrash metal band from Vilnius, Lithuania, formed in 2012.

It all began when a young music student Lina applied for a vocalist/guitarist role in a Vilnius-based thrash metal band State of Ruin. It was just a starting band, with a simple goal to party hearty and express their newly found fascination with old school thrash metal titans Anthrax, Megadeth, Toxik, and old British metal bands, like Satan, Angel Witch, and many other classic metal acts.

All was well until tragedy struck in the Summer of 2011 - two members Lukas and Gedas were killed in a car accident traveling the UK.

After a period of doubt and depression, the rest of the band decided to continue with a new name “Phrenetix”, derived from the word frenetic, describing the music's uncontrollable and chaotic vibe. It also reflects being a tiny bit stupid.

But Lina developed a big brain for music in the Lithuanian Music Academy and became the main songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist. With a new lineup of very handsome and talented guys, the band began to write songs, very reminiscent of the old-thrash vibe, but with a little twist, since the band mostly gathers their inspiration from other styles of music - progressive rock (the old kind), grunge, disco/pop music, classical and whatever is catchy and cool.

Even after releasing the debut album Fear in 2015 (a tribute to classic thrash), the band has a little disapproval for the way that thrash metal bands sound now, so they try to experiment with melody and being a little weird, although preserving the drama and aggression of the traditional style.

The band went off the beaten track with their newest release Exuviae (2021), which you should definitely check out if you find modern thrash metal a little… well, too ordinary.

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