Behind The Artworks: Anachronistic - 700 And 19 Ways Of Decay (2022)

When deciding to put out this LP I reached out to many artists that I really admire and like. I received great insights but through the journey, I was given Adi Christianize name. Adi is an Indonesia artist and I immediately contacted them once I check out all of his previous works. Adi was extremely responsive after he accepted to do the layout artwork. I was extremely detailed with the image of my artwork from the beginning. I personally had a vision to recreate my exact office setting, simply because a lot of the songs, directly and indirectly, stemmed from my ridiculous work realm/life. I put together exact images of the room, satellite terminal, network racks, spectrum analyzer, computer, and people.

Major Skinnis is the zombie coming out of the computer. Major Skinnis is a fictional character that I use to prank phone call people at work and scare the crap out of. He is a high-strung military officer who likes to degrade weak employees in our office. Quick note, only a few people actually know that I am Major Skinnis and the one doing the prank phone calls.

The person in the chair is actually me. My job has been killing me for almost 20 years. It’s a fitting graphical representation of a day-to-day experience in my office environment.

The creepy guy in the door is someone who is in charge of my office and is always standing around creepily grinning, watching, and eating chili. (Hence the Hormel Chili)

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