Behind The Tracks: Ask Carol - Quiet One (Single) (2022)

This song started out as a guitar riff and a melody, Carol brought it to practice one day, and we started jamming on it. We sort of forgot it for a while, for over a year I think, before we remembered it again, and thought: "hey, this is kind of catchy". We put down some lyrics, we wanted something moody and cinematic, both for the music and the lyrics. The vibe was important when working on this song. It has kind of a dark, melancholic lyrical and musical theme, that might be a reflection of the time we wrote it, it was during some of the worst times of Covid, and the whole situation had us (as so many others) in a little bit of a dark place.

The recording was actually done mostly live, in our studio. We have a small studio set up in the Norwegian woods, far from any city. The cows right outside the studio window adds to the rural studio-experience. After recording the basic tracks live, we added some vocal harmonies and extra guitars and stuff, before we sent it off to mixing in LA, where our mix engineer friend Matt Dyson did the final mix.

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