Behind The Tracks: Atlas For Home - OMG (Single) (2022)

This is the second single of the "new Atlas for Home" - now composed of Marion Gualandi & Valentin Guérin - co-produced by Dory-Loup Venta (Mirabelle.) and mixed/mastered by Cory Bergeron (Locket).

In the continuity of their previous single "Keep Going" released earlier this year, "OMG" is a pop-punk track in the true sense of the word: 4 min of dynamic and catchy power chords, on a vocal line not unlike The Starting Line & Taking Back Sunday. A song that calls for the liberation of the world around personal well-being while underlining the difficulty of opening up fully to the world.

100% self-produced, the video for "OMG" features a young girl on the verge of dropping everything. The call of a friend will upset her day and bring her little by little to a total release, mixing road trips between friends and externalization of her feelings. It is true emancipation towards happiness that the group puts in the image. It's the first time that the band goes behind the camera.

Atlas for Home on OMG:

“OMG is a title that came to us very quickly and spontaneously, as much as the melody, the instrumental, or the lyrics. Largely inspired by a close friend of ours who has been through a complicated situation at work, between depression & burnout, we wanted to write her a positive song to listen to when a relapse is coming. A little "you can always count on us and know that you are never alone".”

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