Behind The Tracks: Leather Duchess - White Leather (Single) (2022)

The song “White Leather” was the first song written for the full-length sophomore album which is set to be released in late 2022. “White Leather” is available on 7 inch vinyl exclusively through Revolt Vinyl Records and can be pre-ordered at The A side of the vinyl is the studio recording and the B side is a live recording captured in Austin, Texas when Leather Duchess supported Dangerous Toys on Feb. 5th, 2022.
There is a music video for the song which can be viewed on the bands official YouTube page. The video features the band playing in a gaudy mansion in Beverly Hills, California. The outfit which frontman Tyler Heath is wearing in the video was custom made for the video and is constructed head to toe of genuine white leather.
The album artwork on the single was illustrated by legendary comic artist Tommy Pons. Pons has drawn all of the band’s official artwork, including album covers, t-shirts and other merchandise. The album art features the band’s mascot Betsy Bullet dressed in a fine white evening gown. Per tradition, she has just blown someone away with one of her many firearms. Her dress is splattered with blood and what seems to be a zombie hand is reaching up at her. She is blowing the smoke of her handgun and the smoke reads the words “white leather”.

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