Behind The Tracks: A Moments Notice - Offerings (Single) (2022)

The idea of bringing back A Moments Notice as a band was something that was not very planned. Greg and Nick, our producer, had talked about recording music in the past and for a long time, it seemed it wouldn't be a reality. He had no intentions of doing music again or bringing back the name in any way shape or form but after a lot of convincing from his wife and long-time friend Jared (Original Vocalist of Suffokate), the plan was set in motion. When the band was created it started as a solo project and with the band forming fully in December of 2021 the song that was created was Offerings. It just hit us on a different level. We all talked as a group and realized this album had to be finished. We wanted this song to be the one that we told our listeners that this was us and we were here for the long haul. We worked on the vision of the song and the music video for a long time and wanted to take our time with it as best as possible. We felt like it would be a great track to add to the album and the rest is history!

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