Behind The Tracks: NADAE - The Fighter (Single) (2022)

Pulling inspiration from the likes of Crystal Lake, “The Fighter” is a scorching and exciting track. The song begins with subtle industrial sounds and synths which reminds of war machines reeving to life. The guitar and drum compositions have all the trappings of extreme metal that fans love, which are arranged to sound like the raging march of war. This war march ultimately builds to a victorious anthem in the chorus to which everyone can chant along. All hell breaks loose with a massive breakdown in the bridge -the apex of the song. Last but not least, Sipes' vocals are powerfully executed. He balances a refined vocal tone with a raw live delivery. His range is also wide and effectively used. These vocals match the lyrics which are all about taking aggressive action in fighting for your life. In short, “The Fighter” is a true 'fight anthem' that will awaken the deep urge to fuck shit up and take the fight to your enemy - whatever that may be.

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