Behind The Tracks: Rabid Hood - Spiteful (Single) (2022)

We wanted to start a new hard rock band and with extensive experience in the Metal and Rock n Roll stage with members from Helheim, ex-Taake, Trelldom, Nattverd, Aventyr and Spitfire++ Olsen. Aven and Martinussen started recording some demo songs a few years ago but it stopped there. The songs remained untouched until we got Venås and Igland in the band in the summer of 2021.The EP is recorded in Norway in our own studio, produced in USA by Beau Hill Musicproduction. We think spiteful is the song we are most proud of leadgitar Noralf's solo is truly a masterpiece,the hard-hitting drummer with a touch of metal, hard rock and rock at the same time, rhythm guitar and bass which creates a solid foundation for success and a vocalist who tops it all. The production and performance of the songs we are really proud of it`s a project we have been working on for a few years on and off which we have finally finished an ep for release, and we think this is the sound of Rabid Hood when it comes to songwriting in the future and we are proud of what we have achieved.

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