Behind The Tracks: SUCKERPUNCH! - Nightcalls (Single) (2022)

“Nightcalls” really represents what SUCKERPUNCH! is all about. It’s upbeat and in your face. It has a nostalgic vibe with a modern production flair. The lyrics tell a story while keeping it tongue in cheek. This is the perfect gateway drug into our sound.
The song was written during lock down. We were all tired of being stranded at home and we escaped our grim reality through writing “Nighcalls”. Not being able to go outside and pretty much do anything we gravitated towards writing a really high energy song about partying. Lyrically we thought it would be interesting to tackle the highs and lows of casual relationships. Some people are irresistible to you and succumbing to them can lead to the highest highs but also the lowest lows.
Our band motto is “Make pop punk fun again”, so we intend “Nightcalls” to become synonymous with fun for listeners. We are releasing it in May to hopefully be added to people’s “Pop Punk Summer 2022” playlists. Music represents who you are in a moment in time and we hope that we can be the soundtrack of wild times and crazy high jinx for 2022.

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