Track By Tracks: Between The Killings - The Killing Quartet Vol. 1 - Reflection Of Murder (2022)

1. A Violent Proclamation:

When creating this opening intro/instrumental track, we wanted to set the vibe of the story that was about to be told. We want you to feel like you’re in the mind of the serial killer. I really loved the bass and guitar work in this track because it really captured that vibe. It gives me goosebumps and I cannot wait to be on stage for this one. The samples we decided to use really had to be perfect to capture the man’s thoughts and I feel we accomplished that.

2. Invoked:

Invoked is a track that we wanted to hit people in the face with right off the bat. It is very aggressive and heavy but still captures the eerie vibe of this killer. Lyrically, this begins our story of when he first discovers he has these overwhelming feelings and emotions towards what would be his first victim.

3. From Interest To Obsession:

The title of this track pretty well explains it all. The killer begins to start to fantasize and obsess over this "love" of his life. Musically, this is probably one of the shortest songs, but it hits you like a ton of bricks. I think almost every metal band has a song that just gets the crowd going. I think this is ours and personally one of my favorites.

4. Contrivance:

I feel this track is unique to our sub-genre of brutal death metal because the guitarist’s riffs are upbeat, and the drums really caught everything perfectly. As the vocalist, I was trying something out of the box and was challenging myself to really build-up to and show the angry and more sadistic side of his thoughts about the victim and how it’s eating at his brain more and more.

5. Overwhelmed In Neuroticism:

The very cool thing about this track is it was literally written by our guitarist the very last day in the studio. The sound is very original and has some crazy timing with the riffing at the end that reminds me of Immolation. At this point in the story, our killer has finally decided he’s diving into all these obsessive thoughts and must make her his. It is now 'go' time for our killer.

6. A Violent Ending:

I think this song really captured everything musically we wanted to catch on this EP. It is fierce and violent but in the middle of the track there is a very cool acoustic breakdown and then suddenly, it hits you with heavy, heavy, slam and then ends with the insane chaotic drumming and guitars. This track really sets the tone to lead into the next part of “The Killing Quartet” series. When I wrote the lyrics to this, I really wanted to be very blunt and graphic as I depict our killer finally murdering his first victim and becoming one step closer to achieving this God like mentality.

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