Track By Tracks: Hämärä - Ivory Tower (2022)

1. Holy War:

This song is written from the perspective of a human witnessing the final battle between heaven and hell. As the two worlds begin to collide, the protagonist fears the demons and hides in the shadows. The song’s climax shows the protagonist realizing that he must choose a side – and he rises up to join heaven’s battle against the demons.

2. Hardly Awake:

This song showcases the feeling of being completely overwhelmed during difficult seasons of life, and how we are often completely paralyzed in dealing with and making decisions. We often stumble through life hardly awake, unable to cope with the decision of which path to take as we envision what each decision in life may lead to.

3. Isolation:

This song explores feelings around depression and the fight to overcome it - continuously railing against those feelings, pretending everything is all right and trying not to despair. When depressed, one feels very isolated and dead inside while faking it on the outside. There are constant lies from those around on how to deal with it, which can delay the healing and wear down those who are suffering.

4. Under the Sun:

This song is written from the point of view of a dying man that realizes there is nothing new under the sun. He spent his whole life chasing pleasure, money, and wisdom; but in the end, he felt it was meaningless. He determines that he possesses no original thoughts that another man has not already contemplated, and recognizes that he cannot bring any of his achievements with him after death. All that he had chased in life ended up being meaningless in the end.

5. Retribution:

This song was written from the perspective of a man who has seemingly done nothing wrong, but feels as though God is punishing him as retribution for an unknown act. The protagonist is in unimaginable anguish; he will not end his own life, but just wishes he was dead.

6. Withering Away:

This song focuses on a criminal who would not and now cannot atone for his sins. His crimes have finally caught up with him, and he has forfeited his right to life as the hellhounds are on his trail to drag him to hell.

7. The Fallen:

This song is written about someone who has already died and is caught in a place between life and death. The darkness of the in-between is haunting him as he realizes that life passed him by in an instant. This point between life and death makes him wonder if he lived his life with clear intention - as well as ponder his purpose afterlife.

8. Ivory Tower:

This song focuses on the central theme of people in power making decisions safely from their ivory towers – decisions that affect others. It highlights how they often orchestrate the fates of their constituents for personal gain while hiding behind the guise of having their best interests at heart.

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