Track By Tracks: SEEKING SIRENS - Departing Ways (2022)

Departing Ways focuses on the bitter victory after a long personal struggle ending in a parting of the ways with one of my closest friends. I didn't realize it until very late, but there was a lot of subterfuge and sabotage that I had to endure. Once I figured out what was going on, I was able to strategize around most of it and come out on top.

Surface touches on escaping the cycles of maladaptive behaviors in relationships. Moreover, how we as people often hurt others while trying to protect ourselves, and how that tends to lead to a solitary existence where people wind up aimless in their lives so afraid to love that they stop loving themselves.

In some cases, people can learn to have acceptance of themselves and find freedom in not having their happiness tied to the actions of others, and that is the feeling I tried to capture here.

Splinter keys in on the ruthlessness one attains after accepting the betrayal of those closest to you, and killing the part of your heart where they lived.

Beseech though you may to encourage someone you love to treat you better, in the end the choice is not yours to make as to how you are treated. The only real choice you have is how you respond.

Grip focuses on the concept of survival beyond abandonment, and moreover the potential to thrive when not having to count on folks who have so often for so long let you down .

It's the affirmation of what some people know all along: The power to be successful and attain some happiness comes from within, and not from others.

Living Truth actually ties into Departing Ways a lot as opposed to the other three which are more standalone.

Harking back to the personal struggle and coming out on top, well poisoning and scurrilous lies were spread about when the dust was all settled and I came out the end of it no worse for wear, enjoying some success despite the attempts at sabotage.

It thinned the herd of fair-weather friends who bought into the narrative. Some of whom knew all along who the villain was, but were unwilling to take this person to task for fear of being alienated.

After lengthy endeavors were taken to assassinate my character, I wound up being a man that couldn't be killed, to coin the lyrics a bit.

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