Track By Tracks: Sidewalk Mafia - 72 Hours (2022)

1. 72 Hour Chokehold (Intro):

"The torment inside the head begins. I have always wanted to make an intro to an album and now it's finally happened with this project! The album accidentally turned into a theme album, so this was done to complement it".

2. Remember Me:

"One of the heaviest and most oppressive songs on the album, but still strangely melodic as well. In its own way, this is a separate track apart from the rest of the material. The story tells of death (what else), and there is a massive choral chorus."

3. This Frozen Paradise:

"The first single from the album, and with this band. This song actually determined the direction the album would be going. An important song for me and us. Big chorus yet again!"

4. Paranoia:

"One of my own favorites. Strong, heavy riffs, but the arrangement is not so simple. This track is at the heart of our sound at this time. On the lyrics side, the saga continues and the oppressive feeling can be felt."

5. Redaround:

"A more uptempo but still somewhat complicated piece, a bit reminiscent of something both of us used to play in the past. Fun to play live as long as we get it right!"

6. Cruel Sacrifices:

"Probably the band's 'title track' and strongest outing. This is at the heart of the doom and gothic style. Lots of different singing styles, with another big melodic chorus. Also an important guide for us for writing material in the future. Gloomy and dark, I like this!"

7. Lost In The Dark:

"The culmination of a mental hospital story. You can feel the pain. A bit faster in playing, but still slow in its mood."

8. The Hounds:

"This has grown to be one of our favorites, after a lot of thinking. At first, it didn't really work as we rehearsed it, but it got together just before the recording. A little bit different and a bit more accessible than most of our songs, but still sounding like our style."

9. Bloodsucker:

"At first we meant to leave this off the album, as the style is a lot different, but it actually works quite well to conclude this saga. Fast, angry, and lots of different playing styles, with tight vocals. And we wanted to finish the album with an uptempo song, as most of the others are much slower."

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