Band Biographies: Beautiful Skeletons

Based in the Pacific Northwest, this up-and-coming female-fronted Metal band has been hailed as a cross between Ann Wilson (Heart), Sevendust, and Courtney LaPlante (Spiritbox). The music is dark, melodic, gritty, and intense, painting a rich landscape for the haunting vocals, memorable lyrics, growls, and screams.

The band introduced their first single, "The Suffering", on 4/29/22, under Paul Crosby Management, PACgroove Records, and VONartist Ltd. It was quickly followed by the singles music video - produced and directed by Karl Whinnery (VINTERSEA/ LIGATURE MARKS/ JASON RISING).

The bands second single - "Kraken", becomes available for presave on 6/30/22, official release on 7/11/22. both singles are off the upcoming, five-track EP, entitled "Vegvisir". Vegvisir becomes available for presave on 7/20/22 and drops on 7/23/22.

In June the band announced their excitement and gratitude as they join Yngwie Malmsteen in August as direct support for his East Coast tour, along with a special appearance during this year's Monsters on the Mountain festival in Tennessee.

Tina Firefly- Vox
Einar Einarsson- Guitar
John "Jimbo" Oxford- Bass
Soren Einarsson- Drums
Josh Holland- Sound Engineer/fill in Drums

IG. @beautiful_skeletons

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