Band Biographies: Meteora

The band was founded in 2010. Of the original members, only Máté Fülöp (bass, growls) and Atilla Király (ex-guitar, synth) remained, the current lineup consists of Noémi Holló (vocals), Csaba Solymosi (lead guitar) and Gábor Kása (drums) beside them. It would be hard for us to tell exactly what kind of music we make, we try to play with the contrast between the beautiful voice of Noémi and the harsh growls of Máté, and mix it with power, gothic and symphonic elements. We released our first demo called 'Price of Salvation' in 2014 with previous members and in 2017 our first album 'Our Paradise'. We signed to Nail Records in 2019 and released our second album through them as a bonus CD for HammerWorld Magazin in 2020. In June 2022 we released the first music video for our third album featuring Chris Harms from Lord of the Lost.

Band line-up:

Noémi Holló - vocals
Máté Fülöp - bass, grunts
Atilla Király - keyboard, clear male vocals
Csaba Solymosi - guitar
Gábor Kása - drums

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