Band Biographies: Truth & Tragedy

Truth & Tragedy are a 5-piece post-hardcore band from Bamberg, Germany, formed in September 2020. Truth & Tragedy take inspiration in their music from many alternative genres, and use lived-experiences and current cultural issues to charge their lyrics. Their debut EP ‘Thanks for Nothing’ (2020) and full-length album ‘Innocence Abandoned’ (2021) deal heavily with themes of trauma, substance abuse, and alienation, stemming from T&T’s singer’s experiences serving with the US Army in Afghanistan. In 2022, T&T released their single and music video ‘Kelvin’s Not A Rockstar Yet’, their tongue-in-cheek tribute to Weezer’s ‘Beverley Hills’ and Nickelback’s ‘Rockstar’. Their latest 3-track EP ‘Blood on Blood’ is a return to their heavier roots, through which Truth & Tragedy explore the duality of their music; the darkness of their track ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ in dealing with the suicide of a brother, and the light of ‘Neo’, T&T guitarist’s sweet tribute to the birth of his son. Truth & Tragedy are liked by fans of To Kill Achilles, Being As An Ocean, and Casey.

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