Behind The Artworks: Citizen Anomaly - The Paradoxic Project (2022)

The album artwork for The Paradoxic Project was first created sometime in 2014. The original version of the album cover only contained the power plant and basic text. As the project evolved over the years, Citizen Anomaly decided that this original version did not properly convey all the elements of nature, man and machine that takes place in the album's overall concept.

The power plant has been kept front-and-center, to now represent the driving force of humanity. The computer circuitry on the left and creeping vines on the right are nods to the forces of machine and nature. They deliberately frame the power plant by surrounding it, as humanity is slowly but surely 'drowning' in these two elements, trying to balance their hyper-dependence on artificial intelligence with the impact and spiritual disconnect that such an unnatural configuration has on the natural world.

The grey texturing that blends in with the album cover from the bottom add a hint of haziness to the whole situation. After all, Citizen Anomaly wants The Paradoxic Project to be a soundtrack to a movie you see in the theatre of your own imagination. They are always keen to hear the different details and narrative beats their growing audience conjures up and tells them about when listening to the album.

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